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I have this strong yearning in myself that says I need to say what I think, the way I think of it. There’s something in me that’s saying, say these things because someone out there will know exactly what you’re saying, and they might not know it until you say it. Someone will feel understood.

There are so many books written about the same things, but not written by the same people or even read by the same audience. We are all individual, with our own paths, our own unique experiences. There is no one way to do life, there is no right or wrong way. We do live in the same world, our experiences will overlap, something I have gone through will resonate with you. Maybe something I say will allow me to teach you something, maybe something I say will allow you to teach me something.

Something that can sometimes turn into insecurity for me, is how much I don’t know. For this reason, I am open to all possibilities of learning, and always want to know more. I try to learn from each and every experience. I try to live as an observer as well, step out for second, and analyze from different perspectives. I am trying to navigate myself and trying to make sure I live life the way I was meant to.

I am young, but because of my appetite to understand, I don’t believe my age will matter.

I have been growing up under unusual circumstances, which have allowed me so much vastness, and a greater understanding of so many things that are still categorized as complexities. Nothing about my life is really “normal,” I was born with no choice but to have an open mind. Really, I was born with no choice but to understand.

I am here to simply express. I will just express anything and everything I feel I want to share about my journey. I am definitely going to be wrong sometimes, and I am definitely still learning, everything. I am not here for anyone’s approval. I just want to do my best, I just want to help because it would definitely be helping me. 

I will also be sharing some of the things that have worked for me and other people’s work whom I admire. I will also be sharing random thoughts, pictures and other things that I just feel like talking about and sharing.  I am looking for people to walk with, not necessarily looking for followers.

I decided I will begin this with a little less structure because I figured…let’s start and figure it out as we go along. I can fail right now, I have nothing to lose 🙂

if we wait

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