Fun Facts – San Pedro – Blue Water Grill/Red Ginger/ The Phoenix/Wine de Vine.

I very much love my hometown of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, and I want everyone to love it too. As a local and someone who likes going out and doing fun things I figured to do a little segment called “Fun Facts – San Pedro.” about some fun things you may not know about on the island and some of my favorite finds.

I usually support businesses that have a good story and are owned by good people. I always  appreciates a good tip, so I wanted to share a few things about a few places I have grown to love mostly because I’ve grown to know them.

These are not paid ads, I just want to share somethings you might not know about a few places, like I said a few fun facts. This is for locals and visitors alike….

My first entry in my “Fun Facts – San Pedro” segment….

Blue Water Grill/Red Ginger/The Phoenix and Wine de Vine.

I decided to just put these all together, because they are together, these are a family of businesses.

When it comes to any and all of these, I stand firm in support because I know how great these people are. These are locally owned businesses on the Island that each offer something very unique…

Blue Water Grill:


Every Tuesday and Thursday they have sushi specials – This is an island favorite. It’s such a favorite that I highly recommend you make reservations for it because that’s how much of a hit this is! And if you’re not into sushi, no worries it’s just the special, the full menu is available.

They have a new wine list! – They are taking their wine drinking to another level at this place and have hand picked each bottle for beautiful reasons! Wines are expensive in Belize, and it’s not easy to find good wine when you go out to a restaurant or bar. Usually it’s the same bottle you’ll find at most places for $16bz a glass, that probably just is what they can get that will still be profitable. If you enjoy a good wine, this is the place for you. If you’re looking for something easy on the soul, I highly recommend the Aveleda Vinho Verde on the list, 14bz a pop and it’s magically delicious. But again, all these wines were put to thought and have good reason to be on the list, you won’t be steered wrong.

They have a pacman machine and that’s fun for anyone!

The “I heart Belize” sign You gotta take a picture with this, not only because it’s cool but, you do love Belize so share that, share the love!

Beachfront – food and a view? that’s all I have to say about that.

Great place to go on a date, birthday dinner etc

Pizza – Their pizza is the! They are wood fired pizzas!


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Red Ginger-


HALF OFF NIGHT – This is one of my favorite things in life right now – Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday they have half off their wine list all day!! You can enjoy a good bottle of bubbles for just $35 bz! Shared between two friends? I have been one to really indulge in this fun. This applies if you dine in. This place can be fancy but you can also get fancy without the pricey. My friends and I would go over, share a few appetizers and champagne for less than $50 bz each. There are ways to enjoy the finer things in life without breaking bank my friends.

Brunch – There aren’t many places that do brunch on the island. Red Ginger does! Every Saturday and Sunday!

The Upstairs Bar – The upstairs bar is nice and private, a great place in town that doesn’t feel like  you are in town at all. You can also rent this space for a private event if you would like! Been to some pretty cool get togethers up there!

Located at The Phoenix.


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The Phoenix –


I live here so, I have never been a guest at The Phoenix but I spend plenty of time here, plenty! And I know that this is good, real good! But here are some things everyone can do here…

Beach clean up – Every Saturday at 8 am there’s a beach clean up from The Phoenix to Blue Water Grill. So if you get up one morning with the urge to be a good samaritan, this is very fulfilling and is a great way to start the day. Parents often bring their kids, it’s a nice thing to teach them.

Yoga – Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there’s a very awesome yoga class at 8:45-9:45  am upstairs of Red Ginger open to the public. This is for people at all stages and experience. The yoga instructor is also pretty awesome herself, and this is not just because she’s my step mom but because it’s the truth! Also the spa is awesome, all the therapists are highly qualified and locals get 20% off!!

Guest Perks – There are many perks to staying here, many! A few things that set this place a part is that it’s in town, there are so many fun complimentary things to do on and off site (Paint class, chocolate classes, complimentary happy hour, comped yoga, comped bikes and kayaks etc etc). and well it’s just beautiful! This is my favorite resort in Belize, if I could I would live there!


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Wine De Vine –


$10 Tuesday – See I’m really helping a girl out here. Every Tuesday it’s $10 glass Tuesday, and as mentioned that just doesn’t happen on the island! This is all day! This is a great space to have a business meeting over a glass of wine and a cheese platter. Or to just take a breather from the hustle and bustle town can be sometimes, I’ve also seen people bring over board games. From 4pm-8pm They have their wine social where the wine lovers usually come to enjoy some good wine over some good company.

Thursday – Live music night from 5pm-8pm! This is new and fun!

Friday – Wine social 4pm-8pm.

Many times people will have a glass of wine here after a long work day or  before heading to dinner.

Also they make pretty awesome gifts baskets and everyone can appreciate the gift of wine!


Follow on IG: @BelizeWine

And to top it all off these guys are very generous and have a huge heart and passion for charity. They have given back so much the island/community and this is probably the thing I love most about them and why I chose to start this segment! If you visit their site ( or  look around in any of these places you will find their monthly donation updates and what they are working on helping with, and how you can be a part of it.

ANOTHER thing I love about them is that they treat their staff well and understand that their team is what makes them. These guys take it to another level here too, Their staff gets full scholarships for high school and preschool and even pay for their staff’s gym memberships!! They provide so many jobs for so many people and when it comes to their staff it’s clear that they are respected and very appreciated.

I may be biased but my motive for doing this is to help everyone out. I enjoy these things and maybe you would too so you’re welcome, everyone.

Stay tuned for I plan to keep you posted on more fun stuff happening on the island and helping you find your favorite hang outs.


See you out there 🙂




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