Goodbye 2018

I had written a reflection on 2018 at the beginning of this month, and within that time a lot has happened, so I crumpled  it up and threw it away.
Let me start over…
A lot can happen in a year, and for me that definitely was the case. Almost everything changed, started working as an independent, travelled several places I thought would only be in dreams, did a lot more with my family, been in a relationship that is bringing a lot of important things to the surface,  made new friends, became closer to old ones, and learnt a lot along the way.
Something that happened this year is that my family became closer. 2017 was an extremely tough one, it made me more equipped for the reality that is life and for the things to face in this year. My family dealt with some hardships in 2018, we really had to come together. We all have an unspoken understanding and an even stronger bond because of these things. In fact, we’re still yet to overcome these difficult times, but that’s all it is – difficult, not impossible. Despite this, we also had a lot more fun together this year. And in combination with things I learnt last year I came to realize a lot of what is more important, and a lot of that is family and cherishing moments and making memories with those who truly matter to us. To laugh with each other, to communicate better and the importance of quality time.
There will always be something to get through, but there is still a lot of beauty left in the world and there is always something to be grateful for. I am grateful everyone I love is still here on earth,  grateful for another year of life as I am about to turn 25 on the last day of the year. And that to me is another reason why these reflections are always important, a look back on a whole year of life for me as well.
This year was about new growth, a lot of things happened in between all this stuff, a lot of great things, a lot of new things and a lot of not so great things but overall, I feel grateful, I feel loved and I feel very very very lucky.
And I can say I am truly proud of myself for this year, it was about getting some bearings, it was about showing me that I can do something more, it was about learning about what is truly important. Saying I am proud is not something ever easy as I am a very tough on myself.
I am hoping next year will be a year of execution, of really flowering into the person I know I can be. Fully aware this is always a work in progress but I do feel like this is a vital time for the bigger picture.
As this year is ending though there is a lot of tripping and falling on my part. Not ending it as gracefully as it was. I am ready to say goodbye to 2018.
There’s a lot of work to do mentally, there’s a lot of work to do in every department.
We as people also went through a lot together as a collective, there’s a huge transition occurring and I still do have faith in us.
Hopefully my reflection resonates with you, maybe it allows you to reflect on yourself and how far you have also come.
Although  I am ending this year with some what of a heavy heart, I will say again that it was a good one, and again I am so grateful.
I also can’t end without a huge THANK YOU to God, and everyone in my life, my family, my friends, Jason (for a lot of things but also for the fact that you have put up with a lot from me), everyone who took a chance on me to start my new job, everyone who encourages me, thanks to everyone for advice and guidance, for being there for me, for showing me the way, for the memories, for the champagne, for everyone who helped me see something beautiful, I couldn’t do any of it without any of you.
Happy New Year, lets make some real money moves!

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