Where I am at 25

For a 25 year old, I feel like I have seen and done a lot. I feel I have been indulging in life, enjoying it, exploring it, learning from it and what is important.

At this point I have managed to work independently on my own project, I have had a weird time calling it my own business, but that’s precisely what it is. I am an entrepreneur, at 25!

But truth of the matter is, I don’t have much to show for everything I have done, because I have been having so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great I feel there’s not so much wrong with that, I do have beautiful memories I will carry with me forever and it has all brought me here.

And now, I feel it is time. Time for me to explore this great yearning I have had inside of me forever. I have always known I have a lot of potential, mostly because I have the desire. The desire to do more, to be more. I feel I truly have something to contribute. Really, we all have this. I am ready to awaken more of my life’s purpose.

I have learnt a whole heap of things about myself the past couple years, a shit ton! I have been battling with so many things, like drinking, being financially incompetent, my own physical and personal insecurities and fears, trying to make other people happy, worrying about what people think, everything. I guess this is the stuff I should be learning, this is the time in my life where I iron out these types of things. I figure out what I do like and what don’t, the situations I have tolerance for and those I don’t. How to cope with my insecurities, when do I stand up for myself, when to say no to the things I don’t want to do, when to let myself off the hook and enjoy life  – all things I know will always be a work in progress. These will continue to repeat themselves in different forms throughout life, I know all that. But this feels like a milestone, a new chapter, a new step to where I am headed.

I look at women or even men I am jealous of, and the reason I am is because I have the potential to be that, or even more. I know it. Whenever we feel that way it’s because we know, “that could have been me.”

Old people will say oh you’re young you don’t need to worry, I am not, this is just what I want. I just feel the road I have been on has been one to anywhere, and I am just ready to go somewhere more specific.

Me at 25, feels like I am ready to make the steps to expand, and to focus on growth. I have so much I want to give, I have so much I want to see and that I want to do. It’s time to make the next right move.

I am proud of myself and where I am right now. I am extremely grateful, lucky and in a unique circumstance, that I would be a fool to not use these to my advantage. It’s time to settle for more. And trust me, I have no clue what I am doing, but just like everyone else, we learn as we go.

I feel in the air, I feel it from so many people around me, major growth, it’s here for us. All we can do is try to listen to ourselves and try to do our best.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

Trust me, I will keep having fun and enjoying the present moment. But it’s time go get them #GOALS !!!!

And remember success looks different to each of us.


– Tash

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